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ACORN Slippers Review:
This brand was founded in 1976. America loves the classics ACORN shoes. They have carefully bridged the gap between the slippers and the shoes. Their products include After Affect, Spa Comfort, Studio Comfort and Classic Comfort which provide customers the fit for their needs. Their product line have recently exploded, and now you can find a large number of styles from them. Simply browse this website to find the best looking slipper. Order it online at the store we recommended you, cause if you don't like the comfort you can always return it for free. But We bet you will love them. This brand shows perfection in each pair of shoe they make, not just in style, but in comfort too, as you can see 'Comfort on Earth' on their logo, They actually mean it.
You can purchase ACORN slippers at our recommended store where you can get best service for the best price you pay. Try the link below:

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I have written this brief review of the ACORN New Spa thong style slipper I bought recently. Its absolutely a wonderful style with perfection in every aspect comfort, style looks. It almost feels like you are walking on velvet. At first, by looking at the picture I thought they will slip around while walking, but I bought it, because I bought them from a store where I can return them for free, I wouldn't have to worry about losing any money. At first I bought a powder blue color, but after experiencing its comfort, I bought two more in Pink and Melon color and both of them looked great. They are washable as mentioned in instructions, but I haven't done it yet. If you think that you can not wear flip flops, you can with these, as they are extremely soft and comfortable to wear. I'm now a big fan of ACORN Slippers, clogs and mocs and I do own a lot of them, My previous favorite was Classic Grizzly. Good thing they manufacture for kids, My son can enjoy a few shoes by them.
Back to the style, The soft and terry upper wicks away the moisture. The fuller shape provided more room for your toes. It have waterproof outsole, which can come in handy at many occasions. That's all folks, I hope you like this style if you're planning on buying it.

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