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ACORN Right Thing Slippers - Sandals


Product Description:

8.00 oz. Non-skid synthetic outsole. CFC-free, contoured footbed. Organic cotton terry insole. Sustainably-grown hemp. Right Thing Slippers with All natural, biodegradable uppers.
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This is my fourth pair of Acorn slippers. They are the most comfortable slippers I have ever had mainly due to the arch support. I find the boiled wool to be fine even in the summer. Because of a foot problem I have to wear the soft sole style which are safe because of the non slip spots on the bottoms.
Wears this shoe: I wear these dlippers every day - winter & summer.
I have tried at least 50 pairs of slippers to find one that is comfortable for my high arch and heel spured feet! I can't believe how wonderful these feel! Great arch support and my feet feel better than they have in years...They wash beautifully! I have 2 pairs and will buy more. I was looking specifically for these slippers when I ordered them. I had a pair and love them. The material is just the right balance of firmness, softness, support and texture. Thin but not too thin. Tight weave but with a caress. I have worn these slippers for the past ten years. When I went to the store to buy another pair they no longer carried Right Thing slippers and I couldn't find them at any other store. I went on the internet and was so pleased to see they were available. They cost about $20.00 less than I previously paid so I was extremely pleased. The service was pleasant, efficient and prompt!

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