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Product Description:

Weatherproof TRP outsole. Memory foam midsole. EVA footbed. Genuine sheepskin lining. Double-face sheepskin uppers. Sheepskin Slippers.
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I have purchased Haflinger slippers in the past for my daughter. When I visited her house and forgot my slippers, I wore hers and was completely sold on them. Now we both have a pair, and when they get too old, I will buy more Haflingers. They mold to your foot and give more comfortable sole support than any other slipper I've ever tried. I would never consider buying another brand. This is my second pair of Haflingers. I wore the other pair out after three years. I had this shoe recommended to me when I had a pinched nerve in my foot. The comfort and support is unbelievable! I highly recommend this shoe. Before, I would never pay more than $20 for a pair of slippers, than I got my first pair of Haflingers, and I was hooked! I hated to give up my first pair, but they were shot beyond repair. Truly a comfortable, versatile shoe. My only regret with the current pair is that the sole has only traction bumps. My last pair had a full rubber sole so I could easily go out and get the paper, etc. We live on an island with rural dirt and gravel roads and have hard wood floors. Folks here always immediately take their outdoor shoes off when entering a house because of the havoc it causes on nice wood flooring. My husband and I always have a pair of these slippers; this is my third pair and we've been wearing them since 2001 so they hold up good though we both have had slippers with weak seams. I would have two pairs but for that incident but all in all, it's the best slipper we've found for our needs here. I bought these slippers for my husband because I had a pair and absolutely loved them. He was looking for slippers without a hard, rubber sole on the bottom, and the Haflinger's have the soft sole. He likes them very much and he says they are very comfortable. He would buy them again.

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