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Product Description:

Hand wash cold; air dry. Full grain leather sidewall, Suede outsole. Lofty Acorn memory foam midsole. Cotton twist uppers. Acorn Slipper Sock Cotton original.
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I have been wearing the Women's Classic Reebok shoe for at least 10 years. I love that each new pair I slip my feet into feels just as comfortable as the old shoes that have served me well for a year or so. I power walk everyday, trying for a daily average of 5 miles, and often wear my shoes around the house for hours afterward. Sock Cotton Slippers, They are so light and flexible they inspire me to "get up and go" and then provide unfailing mile after mile support.
Wears this shoe: Every day for exercise power walk
This is a lighweight sneaker that is good for summer wear. The nylon material helps to keep your feet cooler than a regular sneaker. It offers medium amount of support. I can rarely find Reebok classics. These are the only shoes I can work in that don't make my back and feet hurt. I Learned about Shoebuy from a fellow employee. Please let me know if you stop selling the Reebok classic so I can load up on them. I have already bought six pairs from you. Thanks again.

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